Miniature Painting – by Battle Scarred Painting

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Pricing | Contact | About | Artist | In Progress | Gallery | Videos | Order Form


Flat Rates – (*Where Rates Vary)

  • base size 25-28mm 10 models just paint $120 (*Flames of War Infantry Bases)
  • base size 30-40mm 5 models just paint $160 (*Flames of War Vehicles)
  • base size 60-80mm 1 model $60
  • base size 25x70mm 5 models $160
  • base size 60x35mm – 75x42mm 3 models $160
  • Epic Scale Models, EI: Primarch, Demon Primarch – $150
  • Individual Blister Packs for Bone, Reaper, and WizKids Models – $20 per pack or 10 packs for $100
  • Custom made to order RPG Models – $20 for build + $30 to paint



1 Model Case By Case Range $80 – $200

  • 170×105 oval base
  • 105X70 oval base
  • 90×52 oval base
  • Apocalypse Models without a base


160mm Round Base per model $200

Non Based Vehicle Models Pricing

  • Light (Rhino/Chimera, etc. sized) $40 per
  • Heavy (Land Raider/Battlewagon, etc. sized) $70 per


Infantry Sized Heroes, Independent Characters, Commanders $60

Vehicle or Monstrous Heroes $80

Hourly Work @ $20

  • Rebuilding
  • Stripping
  • Advanced Base Work (Diorama Style if other models are needed for the base, if not provided client will cover extra model cost.)
  • Terrain Pieces (Both paint, build and custom work.)

All prices include the three main colors needed and assembly.

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Order Form

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Pricing | Contact | About | Artist | In Progress | Gallery | Videos | Order Form

Contact Us

Please use the order form button in the above section to bring up the order form area. Once we have your information a representative will contact you via email to work out the details. An invoice will be sent after a contract for work is finalized. Half of the cost of the project will be required upfront to start or the amount agreed on by Battle Scarred Painting and the client.

If you have other questions about WarHammer 40K, Age of Sigmar or have questions about miniature painting email us.

Try Before You Buy

If would like to join the artists in a game, to learn about WarHammer before you invest, then set up an appointment at Dark Tide Comics to use one of the shop armies.

Pricing | Contact | About | Artist | In Progress | Gallery | Videos | Order Form

About the Company

Battle Scarred Painting at Go Games 360 Convention in Corpus Christi Texas was featured in a video on 3KiiiTV.

Original Article >>

Battle Scarred Painting is a Texas based company established by Josh Mullins a division of Dark Tide Comics. We have over 16 years of experience painting models and table top miniatures like War Machine, Flames of War, Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder with specialty expertise and lore knowledge in Warhammer: 40k and Age of Sigmar. Our quality products and services are both sold and backed by Dark Tide Comics, and

“Our goal is to provide a higher standard of quality work as well as customer service at a reasonable price in a timely manner.”

We provide everything from building and painting models to customization and stripping and reworking models and miniatures. Our Artists and staff will ensure you are properly consulted throughout our entire process from the time of receiving your invoice, to receiving, building, painting and/or customizing your pieces and finally shipping them back to you.

Before your models leave our store they will go through a four point quality control check, which includes the artist, you as the customer, our in house Quality Control Manager, who has 13 years of professional art expertise and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Master’s Degree in Art Science and Studio Arts, and a Dark Tide Comics staff member.

We can acquire products for you or you can send yours. All products will be shipped and insured for its value and appropriate shipping cost. Products will be carefully packaged by us to best ensure safe delivery. Weather You collect or have a passion for playing let us provide you the quality you have been missing that will enhance your experience with your hobby goes above and beyond the norm.

“Never trust a knight in shinning Armor, for his metal has never been tested.” – Battle Scarred Painting

Defy Reality, Embrace the Fantasy! – Dark Tide Comics


Pricing | Contact | About | Artist | In Progress | Gallery | Videos | Order Form

About the Artist

Josh Mullins


Hey guys my name is Josh and I’m an artist with Dark Tide Comics and one of the Founders of Battle Scared Painting. I have been war gaming with miniatures for 12 years and have been painting for 8 of those years.

I first got into war gaming and miniatures while I was in the Army and found that a lot of military people enjoy the game and hobby. When I was first introduced to Warhammer, I was able to see the models up close and the painting and work that went into it left me in awe. I was instantly hooked on the game

My passion for the modeling and painting really took off after my deployment to Afghanistan. It allowed me to focus and get out of my head during my free time.

By the time my tour of duty was over I had developed my skills and my painting style had grown into a grittier, battle hardened look. I found it gives the models a sense of character, realism, and shows the battles they have been through.

Painting and modeling is not just something I do for money, it’s what I love to do, and I would be honored to bring your models to life either through my vision or a vision of your own, so you can lead them into battle.

Remember the pretty boys don’t win the fight. It’s the beat up, dragged through the mud soldiers that take the day.

“WAAAGH!!!” – Josh

Pricing | Contact | About | Artist | In Progress Gallery | Videos | Order Form

Commissions In Progress

Pricing | Contact | About | Artist | In Progress | Gallery| Videos | Order Form


Any custom painted figures’ likeness is the I.P. of their perspective production company. Battle Scarred Painting and Dark Tide Comics are only promoting the service of customized painting of miniature figures. Photos of custom work have been used with permission by owner of the figure and or the artist that customized it.  Any sales of miniature kits, kit building tools or painting products are done so through proper licensing channels. Sales of individual pre assemble and or painted figures are done so by the individual property owners.