Events – Dark Tide Comics

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Special Events! Visit this page for mtg pre-release information

Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays
-Closed to general public except for special events (tba). Available for parties. Contact us at for pricing and package deals.

Wednesday – Saturday – Open from 2-10pm

  • Tuesday (by announcement only see our Facebook page) Commander $5 entry required on tournaments
  • Wednesday – Friday 7-9:30 pm 5th edition D&D Adventurers League
  • Thursday Draft 7-10pm $15 entry required on tournament
  • Friday 7 p.m. Friday Night Magic: Standard / Modern $5 buy in
  • Saturday  3-5:30pm 5th edition D&D Adventurers League, YuGiOh (TBA see our Facebook)
  • Sunday (YuGiOh & Magic by announcement only see our Facebook page) $5 entry required on tournaments
  • WarHammer & Age Of Sigmar / Warmachine & Hordes miniatures / Star Wars X-Wing (times dependent on availability of players)
    Visit Warhammer South Texas on Facebook to make new friends and schedule a game
  • $5 Friday night food special – Pizza Two Slices, Chips and a Drink